Malinska, otok Krk

In past Malinska used to be known as a safe port but today it’s recognized as a great tourist destination that honours and celebrates it’s fishermen and naval tradition.

It is situated on northwest coast of island of Krk in the spacious bay just 15km away from the Krk-bridge and 12km from Rijeka airport.

Every season makes Malinska attractive in a different way although it’s best to experience it during summer. Tidy and well equipped bathing areas, swimming pools, gravel and sand beaches near the center or in the hidden little bays around it provide variety of choice from all day fun and joy under the sun to delightful rest in the shady places away from crowd.

Authentic folklore, various cultural, recreational and sports events, exhibitions, concerts, water sports, fishing, tennis courts, horseback riding, disco clubs, night bars, cocktail bars, dance terraces, rich gourmet offer, port docks, boat crane, series of shops and services along with interesting excursion sites nearby provide various interesting offer to tourists coming to Malinska looking for a great summer holiday.